We spend an average of 89 minutes a day sitting on our sofa.

It's the main room in the living room where we like to spend time alone or with the family.

Pilling can sometimes happen after a while, but it's not a sign that your fabric sofa has reached the end of its life. Better still, pilling can be reduced or even avoided. Here's how with these important things to know.

The questions we ask ourselves

Why is your sofa pilling?

Sectional Tactic

Pilling is the result of normal wear and tear of fabric fibers. When you use your sofa regularly, friction and movement can cause the fibers to loosen, forming little balls of fiber called pilling.

This phenomenon is more common on natural fabrics such as cotton and wool, but can also occur on synthetic fabrics. Please note, however, that this is not necessarily a sign that your fabric sofa this phenomenon can easily be avoided and removed.

How do I remove pilling from a fabric sofa?

Armchair Dana

Fortunately, there are several simple solutions for removing pilling and restoring your sectional sofa, armchair or loveseat its original appearance:

  • Brush out pilling: use a soft bristle brush or an adhesive roller to gently remove pilling from the fabric.
  • If brushing doesn't completely remove pilling from your sectional sofa If brushing isn't enough, use a vacuum cleaner with a special fabric nozzle, or a vacuum brush to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Turn your sofa seats over regularly to avoid over-using the surfaces in the same places. This will limit pilling.

How to prevent pilling?

Sofa Moro

Preventing pilling from the outset is the key to keeping your sofa in perfect condition. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Opt for quality fabrics: Choose durable, hard-wearing fabrics specially designed to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Avoid excessive abrasion: limit fabric exposure to excessive friction by avoiding placing the sofa near sources of heat, direct sunlight or high-traffic areas.
  • Use protective slipcovers: washable slipcovers to protect your sofa from stains, dust and wear can be an alternative to make your sofa last over time.
  • The sofa throw, one of living-room decorations easy to create, can also dress up your sofa and prevent wear and tear on your fabric.
  • Regular maintenance: Vacuum your sofa regularly to remove dust and particles that can cause pilling.

By following these simple tips, you can easily extend the life of your sofa, sectional sofa or loveseat and effectively prevent pilling.


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