Complete guide to cleaning your dining room table

Whether you're planning an important dinner party, spring-cleaning or simply keeping your dining room table as tidy as possible, knowing how to properly clean and maintain it is essential. A clean table not only beautifies the space, but also ensures that the environment remains healthy for your family and guests. Casavogue provides you with all the information you need to effectively clean your dining room table, whatever the material it's made of.

Understanding your table's materials

Dining Table

Before you start cleaning, it's crucial to know your table's material, as this determines which cleaning products and techniques will be suitable. Dining room tables can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, glass, marble or metal, each of which requires specific care.


Wood is one of the most popular materials for dining tables, due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. In solid oak, lacquered wood or cherry wood like the Status models, you'll find a wide choice of dining room sets with different styles. However, this material can be sensitive to scratches, humidity and chemicals.

  • Daily cleaning: use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe away dust and minor dirt. Avoid abrasive products which may scratch or damage the finish.
  • Deep cleaning: For deep stains, use a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap. Apply with a soft cloth, rubbing gently, then dry immediately with another dry cloth to prevent water from soaking into the wood.
  • Maintenance: periodically apply a specific wood product to nourish the material and restore its shine.


Glass tables bring a touch of modernity and lightness to a dining room, like the Vortex model. But they can easily show fingerprints and stains.

  • Daily cleaning: Glass cleaner or a solution of white vinegar diluted in water works wonders. Spray lightly on the surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth to avoid streaking.
  • Deep cleaning: For limescale or hard water stains, use baking soda with a little water to create a paste, apply to the stain, leave for a few minutes, then wipe dry.


Marble is a noble material, much appreciated for its luxurious feel, as with the Andrew table model. But it can be porous, which means it can be stained or scratched more easily than other materials.

  • Daily cleaning: Wipe up spills immediately with a soft, clean cloth to prevent staining. Use lukewarm water and mild soap for regular cleaning.
  • Protection: Apply a marble sealer regularly to help protect the surface from damage and stains.


Metal tables are sturdy and resistant, but can be prone to rust if not properly cared for.

  • Daily cleaning: Use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. For stainless steel tables, opt for products specifically designed for this material to avoid fingerprints.
  • Specific maintenance: Check regularly for rust, especially if the table is used outdoors. Treat rusty areas with appropriate products to prevent deterioration.

Cleaning techniques

Vortex Table by Calligaris
  • Dusting: Always start by dusting your table with a dry cloth or feather duster to avoid scratching the surface during cleaning.
  • Spot cleaning: For specific stains, it's important to treat them quickly. Use products suited to your table's material, and always test on a small, inconspicuous area before applying to a larger surface.
  • Drying: After cleaning, it's crucial to dry the table thoroughly to avoid streaking, especially on wood and marble.

Precautions and tips

  • Use coasters and placemats: This helps prevent scratches and stains, especially on delicate materials like marble and wood.
  • Don't overload the table: Avoid placing objects that are too heavy and could damage the structure or surface of your table.
  • Regularity: Regular cleaning not only maintains the aesthetic appearance of your table, but also prolongs its durability.

Cleaning your dining room table is not only a question of cleanliness, it's also a way of preserving and enhancing the value of your investment over time. By following these tips, you can ensure that your table remains beautiful and welcoming for all occasions. Our Casavogue advisors are here to help you choose the right dining room table. Contact them and make an appointment in store or at

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