How to maintain a marble piece of furniture and give it back its shine?

The maintenance of marble , a natural stone that is quite porous and sensitive to stains, should not be carried out haphazardly.
Some cleaning products are even harmful to your marble, and should therefore be avoided at all costs. We are going to start by telling you about the products and tips for cleaning marble and giving it shine, then about those that represent a risk and that could damage your marble with wear.


What products should be favored to maintain marble furniture?

Most all-purpose cleaners contain ingredients that damage marble over the long term. Fortunately, there are other options available to you if you want to maximize the life of your furniture, whether it's a dining room table or a counter:
- The good old Marseille soap on a damp sponge: wash, rinse then wipe;
- Black soap : to be used in the same way as Marseille soap;
- Meudon white and turpentine : soak a cloth in the mixture, and use it to wash the marble surface, then wipe;
- Glycerin : wash your furniture with a soft cloth soaked in glycerin, then wipe with a flannel cloth. It is the ideal solution to restore the marble's shine;
- Soda crystals : on very dirty marble, rub with a damp sponge with a solution of hot water and soda crystals (one cup of crystals for 1L of water). Rinse in clear water with a microfiber cloth;
- The clay stone : clean your marble furniture with a sponge moistened with clay stone.

How to protect the marble of your furniture?


The maintenance of furniture also involves their protection . To protect your marble furniture, we recommend waxing it. You can use an ordinary wax or a wax designed for car bodywork. Sounds weird, but it works!

How to restore marble to its shine?

To restore marble to its former glory, petroleum jelly remains the most effective product. To do this, use a cloth impregnated with petroleum jelly and gently polish the surface of the furniture.

How to fill cracks in damaged marble furniture?

To fill any visible cracks in your marble, use warm colorless paraffin . Let dry, then gently remove the excess with a spatula before waxing your furniture, and you're done!


What products should be avoided to properly maintain marble furniture?

To avoid damaging the marble of your furniture, it is essential to know the products to avoid for their maintenance. If you want to maximize their lifespan, our team recommends that you never wash them with the following products:
- Acidic products such as vinegar or lemon;
- Chemical products (anti-limestone is particularly harmful);
- Bleach.
If you ever have to use a chemical or acidic product, pour your product on a cloth instead of pouring it directly on the marble. Wash in small dabs, then rinse immediately.

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