10 decorating ideas to refresh your interior this spring

The days are getting longer, the weather's getting milder, the trees are budding... If there's one season that's good for morale and when change brings new energy, it's spring.

And at Casavogue, it also inspires us to dare change. In this article, we offer 10 decorating ideas to give your home a completely different look, in your own image.

1. Play with the Fuzz Peach trend

According to Pantone, Fuzz Peach is THE trend color of 2024. It inspires softness and slow life, but also a touch of dynamism in your decor.

In a bright, white bedroom, a wall in this gourmand color will look great for spring.

2. Incorporate houseplants

There's nothing like houseplants to bring life and color to your interior.

Choose easy-care plants like succulents, ferns and plants with colorful foliage to create green accents in every room of your home.

3. Choose light, bright textiles

Replace heavy, opaque curtains and thick cushions with light, bright textiles like new sheers or beige throws for your sofa.

Opt for linen curtains, too, to create an airy, springtime ambience in your living room and bedroom.

4. Create a cosy reading corner

Create a cozy reading corner where you can relax with a good book and enjoy the spring sunshine.

Add a comfortable armchair, a soft rug and a reading lamp to create a welcoming, relaxing space.

The Dana model is soft and perfect for spending time in.

5. Add color to your sofa

Sofa Leonardo

One of the many advantages of Casavogue is that you can customize your furniture in the color and material of your choice. And after a long winter, sometimes you just want to renew the colors and ambience of your living room.

The Leonardo loveseat is the perfect example. Currently available in yellow in our store on Boulevard St Michel, you'll be able to try it out and get inspired by what's possible for your furniture.

Olive green is also one of this year's major trend colors. Our design experts know that everyone has their own tastes and desires, which is why we offer a wide choice of colors.

6. Go for the maximalist style

One of the decorating styles making a comeback this year, the maximalist style, once a trend in the '80s, is making a comeback.

Generously shaped objects, bedside lamps with large shades, a sofa-bed with a wide configuration...

This style lets you express your personality and creativity to (almost) limitless effect.

7. Add decorative elements inspired by nature

Maybury Lamp

Organic shapes, already seen last year, continue to be one of today's favorite styles. Our Charles David lamps are a perfect example.

These soft shapes will harmoniously dress your interior this spring. Several models can be found at Casavogue.

8. Refresh your bedding

Invest in new light, breathable bedding to welcome spring. Choose soft cotton sheets, light comforters and colorful bedspreads to create a comfortable, welcoming sleeping space.

Did you know that Casavogue has its own high-quality mattress section? The Serta, Stearns and Foster and Simmons brands are waiting to be discovered and tested, and offer numerous mattress models for every need and every type of sleep.

Hard mattress, extra firm, semi-firm... Your complete bedroom awaits you with us.

9. Bring art into your decor

Canvas Avonlynn

Hang spring-inspired artwork on your walls to bring an artistic touch to your home decor.

Opt for floral paintings, photographs of verdant landscapes and colorful illustrations to create a lively, dynamic wall gallery.

The Charles David brand, created by Casavogue, offers its new collection of large-format, colorful canvases for in-store viewing.

10. Sort, organize, file

Finally, take advantage of the arrival of spring to give your home a thorough cleaning. Get rid of unnecessary objects, deep-clean surfaces and floors and reorganize your living spaces to create a clean, orderly and revitalized environment.

It's also a good time to discover and adopt the famous Mari Kondo method, which we were lucky enough to introduce to our in-store customers in September 2022. A method that has seduced many, and which brings serenity and clarity into the home, ideal for celebrating spring.

Conclusion to our spring decorating ideas

By following these 10 decorating ideas, you can refresh your interior and create a pleasant, welcoming spring atmosphere in your home.

And as spring is also the season that marks Casavogue's anniversary, you can take advantage of 500$ free for every 3000$ spent, to celebrate our 52nd birthday.

Happy springtime!

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