Recognized worldwide for the quality of its products and its know-how, Italy has been able to renew itself to propose ever more innovative designs. The superiority of materials has also allowed it to design incomparable creations, establishing its position.

Beyond materials, Italian designers have developed an appetite for playing with existing codes and frameworks, always innovating. By constantly proposing new lines, Italian designers have confirmed their reputation over the decades.

Italian craftsmanship is known for its attention to detail. This know-how coupled with the creativity of the designers ensures furniture of unparalleled quality and aesthetics always in the trend.

Even now, the contribution of contemporary Italian furniture designers has left an indelible mark, establishing the country as a major exporter of modern-day classics.

Now that you know more about the history of Italian furniture and its specificities, come with us to discover a selection of Italian furniture brands, chosen just for you.

1. Michael Amini

italian furniture michael amini

Michael Amini is a brand known for its rich designs and the refinement that emanates from its furniture. It has distinguished itself over the years with its unique designs with a touch of glamour. He combines his extensive world travels and his affinity for fashion to create the inspiration for each distinctive design.

Founded over 30 years ago by the eponymous designer, Michael Amini has made a place for itself in the hearts of design lovers. Inimitable lines, exceptional quality, these are the elements that make the success of this Italian brand.

The brand combines the artisanal know-how inherited from the old continent with more modern production techniques. As a world-renowned furniture designer brand, Michael Amini is an excellent choice if you wish to furnish your home interior with chic, sophisticated, fashionable furniture. The Michael Amini collections include stylish and elegant furniture for the bedroom, living room, and dining room.

Always seeking to renew himself, Michael Amini offers unique collaborations such as the one with Jane Seymour, which gave birth to several collections with remarkable designs.

Intricately carved headboards, velvet lined-drawers, unique lighting features, and generously proportioned seating are just a sampling of the attention to detail found throughout each collection of Italian furniture. If you are looking for sophisticated and chic design pieces, Michael Amini is the brand you need for your home.

Michael Amini furniture is more than a concept, it is a statement of refinement and glamour to make your everyday life more beautiful.

The collections offered are a unique source of inspiration because as its founder says: "good designs need no explanation". It is his goal to create furniture that connects people emotionally.

What we love about Michael Amini's collections are the unique and vibrant designs, as well as his unmistakable signature.

Let yourself be inspired :

2. Calligaris

italian furniture calligaris

Making furniture functional but also elegant is the leitmotiv of the Italian brand Calligaris. They seek to understand and respond to the needs of the times by creating innovative furniture.

With almost 100 years of experience in the industry and more than 800 products, Calligaris stands out for its timeless and contemporary style. Established in 1923, the company initially producing the iconic wooden chairs with straw seats. The Italian furniture brand's inspiration comes from contemporary life as well as from the evolution of trends to create superior furniture.

Calligaris is the story of a company made up of an experienced team of designers, architects, trend-setters, and craftsmen, all dedicated to the realization of high-quality products. The choice of materials is an essential aspect of the brand to ensure the durability of Calligaris products.

The intelligence of the design, which can be found in each piece of furniture and accessory, can only arouse emotion and wonder. Calligaris products are made of the highest quality materials: wood, ceramics, plastic, metal, glass and fabrics for ultimate comfort and durability.

Over the decades, the brand has become synonymous with refined profiles and the use of innovative materials. In addition to being innovative and trend-setting, the products are functional and always comfortable.

Moreover, the brand's furniture is all customizable and modular to fit the specific needs of each interior while allowing you to create a unique interior.

Calligaris chose top-range materials, research new formulations to offer the finest performances and durability.

What we love about Calligaris is the possible customization of the furniture as well as the very modern lines of the Italian brand's designs.

Let yourself be inspired :

  • Berlin, extendable table with minimalist aspects
  • Sunshine, extendable table with timeless lines
  • Vortex, a successful mix of materials
  • Lake, the ideal contemporary sideboard
  • Inès, the 50's style brought up to date
  • Fifties, the perfect vintage touch

3. Max Divani

italian furniture max divani

Max Divani is a brand specialized in sofas and armchairs, created over 60 years ago by furniture enthusiasts. The furniture of this brand is the perfect balance between elegance and functionality, so that you can gather around unique furniture.

This Italian furniture brand specializes in handcrafted works, while giving them a touch of originality through its designs. Thanks to a careful selection of materials, Max Divani has been ensuring exceptional quality products for decades.

In addition, Max Divani is known for its expertise in creating durable and comfortable products. The brand's collections navigate between tradition and innovation to create unique products. Max Divani seeks to combine respect for tradition with an eye on the future, to offer customers furniture that is always up-to-date.

The brand has a creation and innovation laboratory, made up of professional craftsmen to create unique creations. Their heritage is a testament to the refined care that the brand's professionals put into these handcrafted sofas.

The attention to detail, the scrupulous selection of materials, the rigorous workmanship are the elements that make Max Divani's signature. Their designs are the perfect meeting point between the best tradition Made in Italy furniture, and the continuous evolution of technological innovation.

MaxDivani is like its sofas. It has a solid body made up of its decades of experience, a flexible core that allows it to move between tradition and innovation and an elegant dress woven on a tight interweave of precision and design.

What we love about Max Divani is the undeniable quality of the products they create that gives a unique atmosphere to your home.

Let yourself be inspired :

  • Grant, a concentrate of comfort
  • Lolita, a sinuous sofa with modern lines
  • Bovino, a sofa with a harmonious silhouette

4. Alf

italian furniture alf

Alf Italia is one of the most important brands in the furniture sector. Since its beginnings in 1951, the company has made its success thanks to the constant renewal of its designs and the particular attention to the quality of the materials.

This third-generation family business is at the forefront of innovation and creativity. The furniture is made to order in Italy by a team of professionals, guaranteeing a unique finish and recognizable quality on every piece. Using the highest technology, the workshops create innovative furniture but always respecting the tradition of Venetian cabinet making.

Alf Italia offers high quality products entirely in Italy, while being aesthetic and functional. The materials used are carefully selected to offer you extremely durable pieces. The best choice of wood species for veneers, the widest range of colors for lacquers and the most fashionable finishes are the characteristics of the Alf brand.

Alf Italia carefully selects materials to ensure quality, while sleek modern designs create beautiful contemporary looks. The furniture is created through a 6-layer lacquering process, which ensures rich and deeply pigmented furniture. This unique work on materials ensures the quality of the collections that have made the brand's reputation.

Innovation has always been part of the production culture at the brand. Alf Italia concentrates style and technological research on specific designs, targeted at guaranteeing maximum quality. Style research is an ongoing exercise to interpret contemporary lifestyles and to provide maximum freedom in combining various products.

Alf Italia, therefore, is the definition of modern Italian furniture and a constant commitment to offer the public an extremely varied choice of furniture.

Let yourself be inspired:

  • Oceanum, a collection bewitching by its deep blue
  • Mid century, a mixture of classic and functionality
  • Mont blanc, a timeless look for a contemporary interior

5. Natuzzi Editions

italian furniture natuzzi editions

Is it still necessary to present the Italian brand Natuzzi Editions?

Founded in 1959, Natuzzi Editions has become one of the leading names in Italian furniture, especially with its leather sofas. Indeed, Natuzzi Editions selects the best leathers from their own tannery to create furniture of exceptional quality.

Love of materials, exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort are the key elements of this brand. From the design stage to delivery at your door, from the leather tanning process to selecting the padding, Natuzzi Editions closely follow each step, each process, each check.

This is how we guarantee the quality of the furniture's of the brand. The brand also plays with configurations to allow everyone to find the perfect sofa while bringing a bit of the Italian soul into every interior.

Always at the forefront in terms of comfort, Natuzzi Editions distinguishes itself by a particular attention put on the research and development of its technologies, in order to propose ever more innovative products.

The visual aspect is never put aside in the creations of this brand. Clean lines and timelessness are the key factors of the furniture created by the firm.

Natuzzi Editions furniture, all carefully designed in Italy, is known for beautiful leathers, flawless style and extraordinary value.

Natuzzi editions's sofas bring the Italian quality and design all over the world. The brand combines detail in design and Italian flair for everyday living.

We love Natuzzi Editions for their attention to detail and modern cuts. If you want to create an island of comfort in your home, this Italian furniture brand's furniture is the solution you are looking for!

Let yourself be inspired :

  • Elegante, a sofa with wraparound shapes
  • Stupore, a sofa with a versatile and elegant design
  • Felicità, the armchair with a unique design and comfort

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Design, uniqueness, quality, and customization are the main characteristics of Italian brand furniture.

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