For a long time left aside in favor of a minimalist and modern decoration, the classic romantic furniture is slowly finding its place in our homes. Bringing with it a touch of nostalgia and elegance, it is now malleable and many people like to apply contemporary patterns, materials and colors. If you want to add a chic touchIf you want to add a chic, trendy and timeless touch to your home, classic furniture could be the answer. Here's how it can fit in with any decorating style, even your own.

Classic romantic furniture brought up to date

To incorporate classic furniture into your home, you can give it a fresh twist by adapting it to today's trends.

Classic romantic furniture made with contemporary materials for a contemporary look

Classic furniture no longer follows the codes of the past, as the precious materials it was made of are now sometimes too expensive. From now on, new materials replace them. For example, it is now common to find a chandelier with plastic tassels in a dining room.

The colors are mixed and redefine the codes of decoration

In addition to being composed of modern materials, classic furniture is also adorned with contemporary and pop colors. It can thus match a room whose decoration is acidulous and where one would not expect to find the moldings and the curves of a baroque chest of drawers. This offset effect is in line with the new trendy decoration codes.

Reconnect with the past with classic romantic furniture

Whether inspired by a Louis XV, Louis XVI, or even Empire style, classic furniture gives you an opportunity to revive the golden ageofFrench and Italian furniture. By choosing them, you will enjoy a furniture that carries with it all the imagination of the European courts of the past. In addition, this type of furniture will give aluxurious touch to your home.

By giving them an aged look, by sanding them for example, you could give your classic furniture a nostalgic look and thus produce a retro atmosphere that will embellish any room in your house. So think about it.

Go shabby-chic with classic furniture

Classic furniture also gives you the opportunity to (re)discover the style shabby-chic! Appeared in England in the 1980s, it reinterprets an antique style to make it more colorful and romantic. With a classic aged look and provided with precious materials, like velvet, the classic furniture will give you a good choice in living room furniture and can enhance the chic side of a bedroom. Do not hesitate to mix genres, because the classic furniture revisited obeys only one rule: the shift.

Classic furniture: a timeless favorite

Invented during the Renaissance and revived by shabby-chic in the 1980s, classic furniture is making a comeback in our homes once again. But, this time, it brings a definitely chic and trendy atmosphere. At Casavogue, we are up to date with the latest trends in interior design and we can recommend classic furniture that will perfectly match your house or apartment. For more information about our products, pleasecontact us at .

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