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Calligaris, the history of the chair

Calligaris, the historic company made in Italy, has taken an important step in the last two years in preparation for its centenary celebration in 2023: the Calligaris Museum has been inaugurated.

The museum, which occupies a large exhibition space of about 300 square meters at the company's headquarters in Manzano, Friuli Venezia Giulia, is dedicated not only to the history of the company but also to the history of the pulpit district, for which it is an important point of reference.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to get to know and immerse oneself in the evolution of the district: from its birth to the national and international success of the Calligaris brand. The museum is therefore divided into seven sections, from its origins in the eighteenth century to the present day.

Calligaris began in 1923 in Manzano as a small workshop founded by Antonio Calligaris to produce the Marocca chair, with its wooden structure and straw seat, a typical local product. Between the 1950s and 1970s, the economic boom coincided with the modernization of the Calligaris family business: the company passed to the third generation and thus became a well-structured industrial reality, a point of reference for a geographical area known throughout the world as the chair district, and it began to lay the foundations for the conquest of other markets.

In the 90s, the district became aware of the importance of self-promotion, as well as of diffusion at national and world level. The Friuli chair has become established on the Italian market and abroad, covering about 80% of the national demand, with a massive presence in Europe, the USA and the Orient.

Today, after almost 100 years, Calligaris continues to experiment, offering complete furnishing solutions: chairs, tables and accessories. Wood is no longer the only material on which the company measures its vocation of innovation, but metal, plastic, leather and glass also become the protagonists of the collections.

Calligaris furniture is available in Montreal at CASAVOGUE (8260 St-Michel Blvd.), which has just celebrated its first 50 years of existence.

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