Appreciated for their modern look that blends in well with most decors, lacquered furniture is timeless. However, if you want it to keep its shine for years, it is important to maintain it properly.

Even though lacquered furniture is quite resistant, you must be careful : some household products can damage the lacquer, and considerably dull the appearance of your furniture. How can you clean lacquered furniture without damaging it? By using the right products, and by being gentle.

Cleaning lacquered furniture: the first precautions

The first thing to know is that lacquer is arather delicate material , sensitive to humidity and heat. Whether it is a living room furniture or your dining tableWhether it's your furniture or your home, you'll need to pay special attention to what you use to clean your lacquered furniture.

First of all, read carefully and follow your furniture's care instructions, if possible: not all lacquered furniture requires the same precautions when cleaning. Otherwise, you can always contact your furniture store to know the procedure to follow. In any case, be sure to use cleaners and soft cloths, and be as gentle as possible when washing.

Finally, remember that it is best to apply the cleaning product you will be using to a small area of the furniture before applying it all over, to ensure that the product is safe for the furniture.

Cleaning lacquered furniture without damaging it: what cleaning products should I use?

Whenever possible, avoid abrasive chemical products, which can damage the lacquer of your furniture. For maintenance cleaning, we recommend using a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm water. Wring it out, then add a few drops of white vinegar. Simply wash your furniture with circular motions, then dry it with a cloth, and you're done!

For more stubborn stains

Are you unable to remove a stain by following the above instructions? Rest assured, you will be able to get rid of it without damaging the furniture by using a cloth soaked in linseed oilturpentine and flour. By gently rubbing the stain, you should be able to remove it without damaging the lacquer.

How to avoid damaging your lacquered furniture?

The lacquer of your furniture is particularly vulnerable when exposed to water and heat. This is why we recommend that you avoid placing hot or very humid objects directly on the surface of the furniture; use a coaster or a placemat if necessary.

For more advice on furniture maintenance, contact our team!

At Casavogue, we want to make sure that you can enjoy the beauty of your furniture for its entire life. That's why we our team is always ready to advise you on the best steps to take in terms of furniture maintenance. Discover the tips for the couch cleaning.

Do not hesitate to contact us contact us if you need advice, or come see us in store if you need new quality furniture: in both cases, we will be happy to help you!

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