The living room is the space in a home that welcomes guests. Given its importance, homeowners should ensure that it is well designed and comforting, not only for visitors but also for themselves. When designing a living room, the choice of furniture is crucial because, in addition to the visual appeal of the space, it also plays a vital role.

Imagine a living space without furniture. Where will you relax and entertain with your guests? How will you watch television?

When choosing your furniture, be sure to consider quality in addition to beauty. Also, make sure it is designed for ease of daily use and fits the architecture of your home.

Apart from these tips mentioned above, there are still other things to consider when choosing living room furniture. Read the tips below:

1. Start with the basics.

Before you embark on your furniture project, you should start by choosing the basic pieces and considering your space. Look for pieces like the sofa, chair, center table and side table. Then, look around to know the right size of furniture you will need for certain functions.

2. Do the math.

Measure your living room and draw a floor plan or you can create a sketch of it on a piece of paper. Then plan the flow using your plan and draw how you will place your furniture. This will give you a good picture of the room. Also, don't forget to include comfortable, walkable paths.

3. Think about function.

What activities will you do in your living room? This has a big impact on what you will place in the living room, such as the modular cabinet for the TV, storage, or a place to place your drinks if you have guests.

4. Consider the existing architecture.

It is very important that you look at the existing existing architectural elements in your home. in your home. This includes columns, windows and more. With this, you can plan well while considering them because if you do not look at them, your furniture may not look good in the space. The design of the interior will also matter because you need to make sure that the furniture you get will suit the look.

5. Create a plan.

We mentioned that you need to draw a plan for your living room. This can be a formal design or you can just make your plan on a piece of paper. For a better view of your living room, you can request a 3D design with the furniture you like. The interior designer can also help you to decide this. Then, after you get the design and plan, make sure you stick to the plan.

6. Get excellent quality pieces.

Don't settle for just any type of furniture. Get those that have a high quality because furniture is an investment. Don't just look at the design, but also check out how long the furniture could be in good condition, and that is despite prolonged use. Therefore, the materials used should be scrutinized.

7. Coordinate the pieces.

When choosing living room furniture, don't just look at the living room alone. You also need to make sure it matches or complements the furniture in other areas of the house, especially if you have an open space where all the furniture can be seen. There should be a consistent look in your furniture arrangement.

8. Know your theme.

Choose a theme for your home. Then, your furniture should match the theme you have chosen. If you decide to go for an eclectic look, mix and match furniture. If you want to get a modern look, then go for modern pieces.

9. Fill the room with accent furniture.

In addition to the basic furniture a living room needs, add accent furniture like a footstool. This can create extra space, especially when you have guests over.

Aside from accent furniture, choose items that can add appeal to a room such as pillows.

10. Don't go overboard.

As always, avoid overusing your living room design by placing a large amount of furniture. If you place too much furniture, you will clutter up your home and the walkway may be blocked.

Choosing furniture for the living room is actually a fun task because you will surely be amazed to see a charming and comfortable space that will welcome you every day. But achieving this result is a process that requires dedication and time. If you follow the tips in this article you should be able to achieve a living room that you feel comfortable in.

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