How to choose a mattress before buying?

The importance of having an excellent quality mattress for a good sleep is undeniable. If you wake up every morning with muscle aches, or have trouble falling asleep because of discomfort, it may be time for a new mattress.
But then, which one to choose? Buying a mattress is a long-term investment that will determine the quality of your sleep for years to come. It is therefore important to take the time to choose the right one. To do so, you must determine the firmness level, the dimensions and the components that best suit your needs.


How to choose the firmness of your mattress?

The firmness of your new mattress will depend entirely on your weight and its distribution. A heavier, medium-sized person will be more comfortable on a firm mattress that provides firm support. On the other hand, a larger, lighter person will sleep better on a softer mattress, since their weight is distributed over a larger surface.
The firmness of your mattress is the first thing to consider, as it can affect the pressure points on your spine while you sleep. So, you should choose a mattress with good support.
If you are having trouble determining your optimal firmness level, don't hesitate to ask one of the furniture store employees for advice. They will be happy to help you.


How do I choose the ideal size for a new mattress?

Now that you've determined the firmness of your new mattress, it's time to choose the size. When it comes to size, we recommend that you add at least 15 cm to your own height: you'll be much more comfortable with plenty of legroom.
If you share the bed with your life partner, don't forget to take his or her size into account too! Don't forget to take into account the sleeping independence if you sleep together.
As far as width is concerned, you have several choices: from the single bed to the king-size bed, the best thing is to go to a store to see (and try) the different widths available. Otherwise, you can also choose the same width as your previous mattress if it suited you perfectly.
Obviously, the larger the mattress, the more expensive it is: you should also choose according to the budget you are willing to spend. Also, keep in mind that if you choose a larger mattress, you may also need a new bed.


What about mattress components? How do you choose them?

There are many mattress technologies available today. Pocket spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex foam mattresses... But the three main types of mattresses are still foam, spring and latex.
If you're looking to buy an entry-level mattress, you may want to consider polyether foam mattresses. While foam mattresses generally cost less than other types of mattresses, they also have a shorter lifespan.
The spring mattress, on the other hand, has a longer lifespan and is healthier than the foam mattress, especially with regard to the proliferation of dust mites. On the other hand, it can be noisy with age if it is of lower quality.
Finally, the latex mattress is the most advantageous option, but it is also the most expensive. Very comfortable and impressively long-lasting, the latex mattress remains the ideal investment for those who want to enjoy optimal comfort when resting.


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