Designing an open-plan living room: Some tips

Open concept living rooms are becoming increasingly popular, especially in modern condos and new construction.
This type of configuration allows most of the time to visually enlarge the room and the space, but there is still a problem that often arises: the harmonization of the whole.

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How to arrange the living room with the kitchen and the dining room while keeping a global coherence? We will try to answer this question by giving you some tips.

Harmonization of your open space, for a coherent layout

When it comes to furnishing your open concept living room, it is important to harmonize the living room furniture with the dining room furniture. To do so, choose colors, materials, storage furniture, decorative elements and proportions that work well together.
We recommend that you keep the same color for your walls, as well as for your flooring, to avoid taste mistakes. This will also help to maintain the impression of a unique space.

The configuration of your open concept living room

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As far as the configuration of your open concept living room is concerned, we recommend that you arrange the kitchen and dining room elements together, so as to establish a distinction between this area and your living room corner.
You can also choose a sectional sofa, which will create a natural separation between the living room/TV/office area and the space dedicated to the kitchen and dining room.

Furniture layout in your open-plan living room

The positioning of the furniture in your open-plan living room will depend, first of all, on the layout of your kitchen area, which most of the time is naturally divided by a central island. But also and above all, the positioning of your furniture must be thought of according to :

  • the overall shape of your room (rectangular, square, L-shaped, rather small and narrow...);

  • your light displays (windows)

  • your doors;

  • your fireplaces;

  • any other fixed architectural elements (columns, for example).

All these elements will also determine the size of the furniture to choose, depending on the space for each "corner" in your open area.
For example, for a small dining room area, choose a round table that will not weigh down the whole area and choose lighter furniture to keep a clean look. If you have a square space, choose a table of the same shape; follow the same logic for a rectangular space.

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Designing an open-plan living room: for more advice, come and see us in store

As you can see, to design an open-plan living room, certain basic rules apply, especially when it comes to color matching. However, while certain proportions must be respected and certain color mixes avoided, adding a few personal touches over time can also add character to your ensemble. Finally, choose the largest pieces (sofa, table, buffet, desk...) according to the configuration of the open space.
Don't hesitate to come into the store to get advice from our on-site specialists, and get inspired by our website or Instagram account. You can also contact us to get our advice. Whether online or in-store, our advisors will be happy to answer and help you.