COVID-19 crisis: the importance of buying furniture from a Quebec retailer

The global economy is currently in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Quebec is no exception. In just a few weeks, hundreds of Quebec SMEs have seen their future become uncertain.
This is the case for restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, as well as retail stores, which now have to survive from online sales until social distancing measures are lifted, or even stop selling altogether. This is why today we encourage you to discover the many advantages of buying furniture from a Quebec retailer! Buy local in the wake of the crisis and help the Quebec economy recover.

Benefit from a quality service when you buy your furniture from a Quebec retailer

Buying a new piece of furniture isn't a decision to be taken lightly: to make a choice that will perfectly suit your needs, it's always a good idea to seek advice from a team of professionals. Moreover, you will find the best customer service in a Quebec furniture store. Local retailers are often family-owned businesses and have dedicated advisors who are passionate about the furniture business. They are also more inclined to offer quality after-sales services, focused on problem solving and customer satisfaction.
In most cases, multinational furniture suppliers are more focused on profit than on the quality of service offered, which can result in a less experienced team, and advice that steers you towards the choice that is most profitable for the company (or the seller if he is receiving a commission), rather than the one that is really ideal for you. Not to mention that the after-sales service of these companies often leaves much to be desired!
Whether you need advice on choosing the ideal dining table for your condo or have a follow-up question after purchasing an armchair, you are better off with the dedicated services of a local retailer.

Enjoy the products of our Quebec furniture manufacturers during the COVID-19 crisis

When you buy from a local retailer, you have access to a wide range of superior quality Quebec furniture designed by manufacturers from all over the province. Buying furniture made in Quebec supports the province's economy, gives you the benefit of the craftsmanship of our local artisans and helps the environment.
In fact, logging restrictions are particularly stringent in Quebec, which ensures that your furniture does not contribute to mass deforestation. Furthermore, buying local also means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, since the transportation of consumer goods is one of the main causes.

Casavogue, your Quebec furniture retailer during the COVID-19 crisis

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