Contemporary furniture: for a refined and elegant interior

Have you decided to get rid of your old, worn-out furniture and give your furnishings a makeover? There is nothing more trendy in the furniture world at the moment than contemporary design.
Featuring clean lines, understated colours and quality materials, the contemporary style rejuvenates any room, from the living room and bedroom to the dining room. You can decide to change the furnishings of a single room, but for the sake of consistency, a complete makeover is always preferable.

Treat yourself to an elegant living room with contemporary furniture

As the perfect place to gather and relax, the living room is often the first room that comes to mind when you want to update your furniture. Fortunately, living room furniture is also among the most suitable for a contemporary look.
When it comes to seating, choose a sofa or sectional with understated lines and colours. Brown, black, grey and white shades should be favoured. A leather sofa is always a timeless and sensible choice since it blends in very nicely with the rest of your contemporary furniture, as long as you choose your living room furniture wisely.
If you want to buy a new coffee table, we recommend going for a simple and refined design. Tables with a glass surface are very trendy and help bring a feeling of space and light into the room.

A contemporary dining room with restrained and refined furniture

The good old rustic dining room is completely out of fashion today. If your dining room still feels like a cottage, it's time to update your dining room furniture. Start with the centerpiece: the table and its chairs. For a contemporary look, forget about light wood and opt instead for a melamine or tempered glass table.
When it comes to chairs, minimalism wins. The less detail, the better they will fit into your contemporary dining room. As for the sofas in the living room, choose black, white, grey or brown shades: leather upholstery in these tones yields a beautiful result.
If you have an open concept space, you can install an island with stools to create a visual boundary between the kitchen and dining area. This will reinforce the coherence between the different elements of your room.



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