5 Tips for incorporating Scandinavian style into your interior

What is Scandinavian decor style?

We see Scandinavian decor style everywhere, and it makes us want to stay warm in our cocoon. That is the Scandinavian interior design that we see everywhere, and that has been all the rage for several seasons. And it’s easy to understand why.
Light colours, clean lines, natural materials, clean design, and minimalism; these are the key elements of this style. We give you our tips to easily incorporate it at home!

 Scandinavian Decor Style: Choose Neutral Colours

The choice of colours is a determining element in the Scandinavian style. We favor clear and bright colours, in particular white. It is found everywhere, and the reason is simple, the luminosity it brings!
Fortunately, this is not the only colour you may use in Scandinavian decor style for your interior. Gray, beige, clay, or even pastel hues can look great and give a peaceful atmosphere. For example, a blonde wood low table is an excellent choice for a Scandinavian living room.
For a more chic side, we will opt for a note of black but sparingly to not darken your space too much. However, we avoid mixing too many colours to keep a visual harmony.

Integrate Wood and Natural Materials

In the Scandinavian home style design, we bring nature into our home. For that, nothing could be simpler; just choose furniture made of natural materials. Wood is THE essential material in the Scandinavian home style, preferably in light shades. It gives a soft and warm atmosphere to any interior.
In addition, you can easily match wood with other natural materials such as marble, glass, metal, or faux fur to enhance the cozy atmosphere of your decoration.

Light: An Important Element of Scandinavian Decor Style

The sun sets early in Nordic countries, so natural light is crucial in Scandinavian home decor. Whether natural or artificial, it can completely change the mood of your room. Special attention must be given to it.
You can also multiply the points of light to create a warm environment. You can also play with the styles of the lamps to make them a decorative element in their own right.

Favor a Modern Furniture Style

Another important point is the type of furniture you are going to choose. We prioritize sobriety, functionality, and comfort to make home a cocoon. Choose clean, timeless, and understated interior design styles for consistency. If you're looking for inspiration, have a look at our designer brand furnitures, or our new furniture arrivals for inspiration.
Minimalism is the key to successful Scandinavian style for your home. A doubt? Don’t hesitate to visit our furniture store for professional advice on your interior decor.

Focus on Scandinavian Style Home Accessories

To change your interior at a lower cost, you can play on the accessories. Bet on geometric or natural prints for your cushions, rugs, or even your frames.
They are also an excellent way to add a pop of colour and vibrancy. We keep homogeneous and soft colour palettes in Scandinavian decoration to not overload the atmosphere of the room.

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