How to maintain marble furniture and restore its shine

Caring for marble, a natural stone that is quite porous and susceptible to stains, should not be approached just any old way.
Some cleaning products are even harmful to your marble and should therefore be avoided at all costs. We will start by discussing products and tips for cleaning marble and giving it shine and then look at products that are risky and could damage your marble over time.

 What are the best products for marble furniture maintenance?

Most all-purpose cleaners contain ingredients that damage marble over time. Fortunately, there are other options available if you want to maximize the life of your furniture, whether it's a dining room table or a countertop:

  • Good old Marseille soap on a damp sponge: wash, rinse then wipe.

  • Black soap: use in the same way as Marseille soap.

  • Le blanc de Meudon (calcium carbonate powder) and turpentine: soak a cloth in the mixture, use it to wash the marble surface, then wipe dry.

  • Glycerine: wash your furniture with a soft cloth soaked in glycerine, then wipe with a flannel cloth. This is the most effective way to restore your marble’s shine.

  • Soda crystals: on very dirty marble, rub with a sponge dampened with a solution of hot water and soda crystals (one cup of crystals for 1L of water). Rinse with clear water using a microfibre cloth.

  • Clay stone: clean your marble furniture with a sponge moistened with clay stone.


How to protect the marble in your furniture

Furniture maintenance also involves protection. We recommend waxing your marble furniture to protect it. You can use an ordinary wax or a wax designed for car bodies. It sounds odd, but it works!


 How to restore the shine of marble

Vaseline is the most effective product for restoring marble to its former glory. Use a cloth saturated with Vaseline and gently polish the surface of the piece of furniture.

How to fill cracks in damaged marble furniture

Use warm colourless paraffin to fill visible cracks in your marble. Give it time to dry, then gently remove the residue with a spatula before waxing your furniture, and that's it!

What products should be avoided for the best marble furniture care?

If you want to avoid damaging your marble furniture, you need to know which products to avoid when caring for it. If you want to maximize its life span, our team recommends never washing it with the following products:

  • Acidic products such as vinegar or lemon,

  • Chemicals (anti-limestone is particularly harmful),

  • Bleach

Should you ever need to use a chemical or acidic product, pour your product on a cloth instead of pouring it directly on the marble. Wash in small dabs, then rinse immediately.

Contact us for more advice on furniture care

Marble is a noble material that we all love for its authentic and precious qualities. However, like any natural product, it is quite fragile. Nevertheless, good daily care will allow you to preserve its shine and natural beauty for many years to come.
If you like the look of marble, but find it has too many drawbacks, you can always opt for our marbled ceramics from Calligaris, which will allow you to enjoy everything marble has to offer, minus the fragility!
For more advice about furniture care, we welcome you to contact us. We'll be happy to answer all your questions and help you keep your furniture in pristine condition for decades to come.