5 tips on how to choose a TV stand

Now an essential part of your living room, the TV stand must, in addition to having a beautiful design that is adapted to your interior, be as convenient as possible from a technical standpoint. Making the right choice that combines these two factors is not always easy.
That's why we decided to dedicate an article with 5 tips that will help you choose the right TV stand for yourself!

Choose a TV stand that matches your living room style

The living room is one of the places where you spend the most time. It is therefore important to feel good and have a well-balanced decor. The choice of your TV stand will be determined by the atmosphere that you want to bring and also the style that is already present. Whether for a modern, retro, authentic or cozy style, there are many TV stand options at your disposal.
For a contemporary living room, the modern TV stand is a guarantee of quality. Generally quite low and all in length, it can also be found in the form of a wall block. Our Tomasella collection is the perfect way to give your living room a modern look (see picture above).
For a more retro/vintage atmosphere, our walnut wood selection with industrial metal legs from BDI will give your living room a distinctive character (see image below).

Choose a TV stand made of quality materials

Choosing the right TV stand also involves choosing quality materials. As such, whether it is wood, metal or with different finishes, at Casavogue, we offer you high-end TV stands, no matter what style you choose.
Our Corridor stand from BDI, for example, is made of genuine walnut. Our Medea model from Status is made of aged oak, lacquered and 100% made in Italy. Its metal legs give it a modern look perfect for a more contemporary interior (see image below).

The practical aspect, essential for choosing the right TV stand

In addition to looking beautiful, your TV stand should also be convenient and have some features at the technical level.
This is what you get with our Corridor model from BDI, which is as beautiful as it is functional, with its thin strips of wood that lets the sound of your devices through or its adjustable glass top which also lets the sound through nicely. Moreover, its interior storage is very spacious, which is perfect for bulky audio equipment.

How to properly position your TV stand after choosing it

Once you have chosen the TV stand that suits you, the time has come to fit it into your living room layout. Depending on the size of your room, or the comfort required to watch your TV, you will opt for either a low TV stand like a wall block or a TV stand on legs that will enhance the height of your viewing comfort.

Use your TV stand as a decorative stand

Your TV stand is often much more than a TV stand, it is often a support for different decorative or functional objects: books, vases, candles, frames and more. It becomes part of your interior decor.

Visit Casavogue to choose the perfect TV stand

The TV stand has become a full-fledged decorative element over time, a masterpiece in the living room that we must choose carefully to balance your interior space. The materials and style will be important in the final choice, as well as its technical aspect in order to facilitate its use.
At Casavogue, our experts can offer you expert advice on furniture and interior design. You are welcome to contact us for more information and come visit us in store to discover our extensive range of premium quality furniture.